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To support our economic research efforts,
click here to visit our Patreon funding page.

We fund the economic research phase by phase and stage by stage of operation.

  • Prelaunch, Phase I: Early Donation Based Crowdfunding (Traditional Crowdfunding);

  • Prelaunch, Phase II: Empower the Crowd First Crowdfunding System (ECFCS) – startup;

  • Stage I: Empower the Crowd First Crowdfunding System (ECFCS) – main;

  • Stage II: Gradual Entrepreneurial Allocated Resource System (G.E.A.R.S);

  • Stage III/IV: The Virtual Income Machines (virtual wages, virtual dividends, virtual bonds, virtual stocks)

This is the Prelaunch, Phase I crowdfunding solution. This a very comprehensive reseach and business production system and there is a lot learn. For this reason, we use this crowdfunding system to raise funds while introducing, teaching and spreading the word.

  • If this is research you want to see move forward and learn more about, then consider making a small monthly donation NOW as you continue to learn;

  • We use a crowdfunding platform called Patreon. Patreon is a unique crowdfunding platform where people pay monthly to support creative works … such as an artist. This economic research is a creative work in progress as we introduce the business models to the grassroots general and business public and get feed back;

  • Therefore, if you want to support this research, you can donate $25, $50, or $100 per month for as long as you deem appropriate;

  • Once you donate, then visit the Operational Links and choose your starting point where you can participate/contribute to operations. At a minimum, join the IRBDN Operational Hub so you can at least get email updates on the status of research operations. This way, you can gauge the effectiveness of your support month after month and determine if you want to continue your support.

To support our economic research efforts,
click here to visit our Patreon funding page.

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