The Economic Research Campaign

This visual illustrates the scope and vision associated with the economic research initiative. Income Reengineering represents the principles and processes involved. Here's an outline:

  • We, M.I.N.D.S., operates with the following mission statement: conduct grassroots-led economic research into how to apply the internet and other information technology to help the masses increase their workplace income at least three times over;

  • Given the issues of income inequality and the rising gap between rich and poor, it’s time for aggressive new thinking on how we can apply grassroots-led solutions to address and solve this issue, as opposed to always relying on the government;

  • The hypothesis associated with this economic research is that society needs to integrate the Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM) into the mainstream workplace for the masses to experience at least a 3-fold increase in income and wealth, potentially more;

  • The Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM) is considered the 21st century version of worker ownership;

  • For example, Harvard Business School published a research paper regarding how transitional employee-ownership or worker ownership leads to broad based wealth. They found that the average wealth would increase 2 to 4 fold when compared to traditional employment;

  • Now, the Harvard report was based on traditional forms of worker ownership: Employee Stock Ownership Plans (ESOPs) and Worker-Owned Cooperatives;

  • The Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM) is much more aggressive relative to employee empowerment than the traditional worker-ownership models. This is because the model strategically deploys blockchain technology to create an exciting new workplace dynamic that supercharges employee empowerment and employer cash flow flexibility;

  • For this reason, we feel the new Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM) has the potential to increase the aggregate income 5 to 7-fold;

  • Simultaneously, the model offers significant sales and profit benefits for employers to the point where, according to the hypothesis, most employers will be willing to integrate this new compensation model into their workplace once we validate and test the model;

  • Plus, although the traditional worker-ownership models have been around since 1956, ESOPs and Worker-Owned Cooperative represent only .02% penetration in the marketplace;

  • Now, because of the internet and new blockchain technology applications associated with the Empowered Employee Compensation Model (EECM), we anticipate mass saturation and adoption of the EECM over time, which is required to make a significant dent in the income inequality issue;

  • Vision and theory is one thing, reality is another. For this reason, we are launching a grassroots-led economic research campaign to put the new Empowered Employee Compensation Model to the test. Grassroots-led means this testing is crowdfunded by the grassroots public and we also encourage the grassroots individuals to engage in part time peer to peer collaboration and co-creation dialog online to help test and validate the model;

  • In short, we set-up an online platform. We encourage aspiring entrepreneurs and other grassroots individuals to come online part time and collaboration toward forming new worker-owned enterprises according to the new Employee Empowered Compensation Model (EECM). We use crowdfunded dollars to motivate this online collaborative activity and we crowdfund the resulting enterprises;

  • We start with the formation of enterprises that operate part time online. If online operations prove successful, we move operations offline and start nurturing, forming and crowdfunding new full-time enterprises. Over the long run, upon successful testing of the moded, we hope to integrate this new model into the mainstream workplace in collaboration with participationg employers;

  • We run operations according to a four stage business plan where each stage has a special and unique crowdfunding solution required to fund each stage;

  • We setup the New Income Expansion and Properity Project (NIEPP) as a promotional arm to introduce this system to the grassroots public. This platform offers a more indepth overview using a series of six video tutorials.

As you can see, the short and long term potential here is enormous.


Consider the following steps:

  • Step 1: Although there is a lot more to learn, in general, if this is economic research you want to see move forward, then consider supporting our Prelaunch, Phase I crowdfunding option today. We encourage you to support this economic research by subscribing to the M.I.N.D.S. Newsletter at $10/month. The newsletter will be delivered to your email monthly and keep you updated on the progress of this research. This way, as you dig in and learn more, you can monitor and evaluate operations real-time monthly and decide if you want to continue your subscription or support month after month. Learn more here;

  • Step 2: Next, as time permits, visit the New Income Expansion and Properity Project (NIEPP), which is the promotional arm we use to introduce this system to the grassroots public. This platform offers a more indepth overview using a series of six video tutorials. Here, you will learn how you use this research to support and advance your current professional efforts if you choose to;

  • Step 3: Next, pass the word to others. This is a grassroots-led economic research campaign promoted primarily word of mouth.

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