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We appreciate you supporting this economic research. You are funding M.I.N.D.S., the orginator of this economic research and who also serves as the management hub for operations.

Here are a few key points regarding this funding model:

  • Crowdfunding comes in many different forms. This is a subscription-supported crowdfunding model administered by the Multiple Income Networking and Development Services (M.I.N.D.S.) operational leg;;

  • We encourage you to support this economic research by subscribing to the M.I.N.D.S. Newsletter at $10/month. The newsletter will be delivered to your email monthly.

  • This newsletter will offer you continuous and ongoing updates associated with the growth and expansion of the economic research campaign, as well as other educational and conceptual support content.

  • This way, after your initial subscription, you can monitor and evaluate operations real-time monthly and decide if you want to continue your subscription or support month after month.

  • Of course, we use the proceeds to build out and maintain the online infrastructure and the research support team.

  • For clarification, this is not a traditional tax-deductible non-profit donation. M.I.N.D.S. is a for-profit LLC. Therefore, tax-deductibility does not apply;

  • Now, our tax-deductible donation crowdfunding models kick in when we launch the Empower the Crowd First Crowdfunding System (ECFCS) in Prelaunch, phase II where you can donate a percentage of what you earn in this system.

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