Operational Links

We are constantly expanding this grassroots led economic research initiative and we always looking for individuals, professionals and entrepreneurs from all walks of life and professional disciplines to join the team. Most participatory activities are online and part time. There many income production, wealth building, career building and/or support options integrated into operations. To move forward and learn more, refer to the Operational and Educational Links below:

  • Mindsonline.net: This is the management hub we use to introduce the economic research initiative and the associated Income Reengineering Principles and Processes;

  • IncomeReengineering.com: This is the educational hub/blog where you can dig deeper into Income Reengineering Principles and Processes. You can also get access to periodic educational posts on how Income Reengineering Principles and Processes will affect various segments and areas of the economy and work-life (i.e., economy, politics technology, business, career opportunities, money, etc.);

  • Thinkbigmastermindalliance.com: The THINK BIG Mastermind Alliance is the prelaunch incubator and business development hub. This is our primary interface to the grassroots entrepreneurs and professionals who want to get involved early, learn operations, contribute professionally part time online, start earning significant income and building ownership-based wealth as soon as possible;

  • Affiliate Innovation Alliance: The Affiliate Innovation Alliance is also prelaunch incubator and business development hub with a primary focus on monetizing early word of month promotion;

  • IRBDN.net. The Income Reengineering Business Development Network (IRBDN) is the current operational hub. This is where people or members view the operational business plans, collaborate, form worker-owned collaborations online, secure crowdfunding, launch new worker-owned enterprises, and build wealth. This hub will evolve significantly over time;

  • Prelaunch, Phase I Funding Platform: We use the Patreon.com platform to facilitate early Prelaunch, Phase I funding.

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